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The Blue Stingray's story starts in '59...the band formed that summer and created a new sound. that sound was surf music. Like those who roamed the globe for the perfect wave, The Blue Stingray's nailed the perfect sound when their twang rang 'round the world. A singular devotion to surf guitar music became a way fo life for them and they considered it to be the only artform profound enough to truly express the passion in man's soul.

They were extremely prolific artists and with no time for anything but their music. These surf guitar pioneers produced three legendary recordings on the now defunct DEL-REY records: "Let's Go!", "Surf Party" and "Valley of the Rays". The discography of classic surf music is now impossible to find but these record's impact on the music scene was indelible.

When Bill Bucks, an Electro Records executive heard about the Blue Stingrays he offered them $1 million to sign with them. The label hoped to get the band to recruit a young vocalist they had lined up with them and produce a series of soundtracks for hollywood's latest movies! After they learned of the band's vow of anonymity and refusal to appear live or participate in anything that would create fame they quickly withdrew their offer.(note: their vow of anonymity was a serious matter for the Blue Stingrays, they even required recording engineers to wear blindfolds!)

In the meantime, surf bands sprung up everywhere! Some even on the east coast...some even had vocalists! Next came the British invasion in '64 and that was all these humble artists could take. They fled the USA and spent the next three decades in exile on a tiny island southeast of Tahiti. These dedicated musicians wished to live out their lives unknown and never receive recognition for their art until they da vinci, raphael, and other great artists that went before them.

On the south Pacific isle they spent their days honing their skills and refining their art without intrusion. This isolation was driven by their intention of one day returning to their California home with the last word on their art...the definitive recording of surf guitar music.

The result is the piece of history you now hold in your hand. Recorded for Southern California's legendary Epitone Records, "Surf 'n' Burn" is the very last and only available Blue Stingray's record. Period. They made their masterpiece, their "Mona Lisa". Listen and you will appreciate what these guys were trying to achieve and have accomplished. The most profound expression of the human condition ever communicated through art, the passion in man's soul expressed through surf guitar and captured on record!

Now the Blue Stingrays will disappear and you'll never hear from them again. You will never know their names, but you will always remember their sound.
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The Blue Stingrays/Surf 'n' Burn Song List

Echo Park
Brave New World
Russian Roulette
Moon Over Catalina
Malibu Babylon
Blue Venus
Land Of The Unknown
Surfer's Life
Stingray Stomp
Zuma Sunset
Ju Ju Beads
Green Sea
Super Hero

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The Blue Stingrays Songs at Myspace


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