Erin's Flat Stanley Project

Below is Linda's (Refugee's) account of the Flat Stanley project.  
March 2002

Stanley was flattened in an accident at home.  He was sad until he found out he could go places other people couldn't.  So he decided to help with a Social Studies project at school. Nancy's daughter's class is studying Geography and they are very interested in learning about different parts of the country.

Stanley came to visit me, so I could show Stanley around the area of the country where I live, take some pictures and then write Erin a letter that tells what we did together.

Then I sent Stanley back, and then her class will plot on a map all the places that Stanley has visited.

Erin drew and colored Stanley and sent him out here.  I took Stanley with me to see the Dirty Knobs 3-8-02 at the Shack in Anaheim, CA. Where Mike Campbell and Ron Blair so graciously took time to let me take pictures of them holding Flat Stanley for Erin's school project!

Erin is gonna have the coolest Flat Stanley in class!! This week he is going to NY to meet Rudy Guilani!

Way to go Stanley!

Erin - thank you so much for letting me have the honor of showing Stanley around Lompoc and for taking him with me to meet the Knobs.

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