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Real Audio Troubleshooting Page

Below are a few suggestions which may help you with your RA problem.

1) If you have visited our site recently, you may get an error message when we change a file name. This can be corrected by hitting the reload key on your browser. Then click on the song title (RA file).

2) Your RealPlayer may give you the error "the file is outdated or inaccurate" if you have upgraded your software (AOL, etc.) recently.

The following procedures may solve this problem.

1. Open the MSIE 5.0 browser.
2. Choose the "Tools" menu.
3. Under the "Tools" menu, choose "Internet Options".
4. Click on the "Advanced" tab.
5. Uncheck the box adjacent to "Empty Temporary Internet files folder when browser is closed".

3) Downloading A File One way to avoid the interruption from buffering/net congestion is to download the file directly onto your computer system and then play the file from your hard drive. Some systems will let you save a file by right clicking on your mouse and choosing "save file as." Others will automatically save the RA file onto your hard drive. Internet Explorer saves files in a folder in your "windows" directory called "Temporary Internet Files." If you cannot find a downloaded file on your hard drive, you can always perform a search for it.


If you cannot solve your RA problem with our troubleshooting page, we advise you to contact Real Networks (Real Player) at their support pages -
RealNetworks Technical Support or
Real Networks Support & Service or


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