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Real Audio files don't have the best sound quality. Unfortunately, there's not much anyone can do about it. If your computer speakers aren't very good, you could try to improve the quality of the sound by hooking your stereo speakers to you computer. This can be done with a "Y-adapter audio cable," available at most electronic stores for about $5.00. Most electronic store sales people can help explain how to do it with your model of stereo/computer.

So if Real Audio sucks so much, why doesn't my site have MP3s?

Because the MP3 legalities are ambiguous, and I don't want to deal with legal/ISP problems. If you are interested in hearing some TPATH MP3s, try this site:

Jonathan's Multimedia Petty Page

Please note that the MP3 site above does not have most of the songs/boots we have at our site.

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