Benmont's work with Tom Petty
and The Heartbreakers
"For me it's something to be moved by. I met Tom and Mike and it completely changed my life. I didn't have any ambition. I liked to play but I didn't know what to do with it. Then through various events and various people, my friend Sandy and others, I met these guys. Twenty-three years later, I look around on stage and there's a thread that's been consistent -- Tom and Mike. And for a long time, Stan." Benmont Tench, 1995

"Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers" - 1976

Organ, Electric Piano

"You're Gonna Get It" - 1978

Organ, Electric Piano,
Background Vocal

"Dam The Torpedoes" - 1979

Organ, Piano

"Hard Promises" - 1981

Keyboard, Organ, Piano,

"Long After Dark" - 1982
"I really liked "Long After Dark"...It's got spirit. It's a piece. It doesn't sound all scattered...It's one of my favorite records we made." Benmont Tench

Keyboard, Vocals

"Southern Accents" - 1985

"Rebels" - Keyboards
"It Aint Nothin' To Me" - Piano
"Don't Come Around Here No More" - Keyboards
"Southern Accents" - Piano
"Make It Better" (Forget About Me) - Keyboards
"Spike" - Electric Piano
"Dogs On The Run" - Keyboards
"Mary's New Car" - Vibes
"The Best Of Everything" - Keyboards

"Pack Up The Plantation - Live!" - 1985

Organ, Piano, Harmony Vocal

"Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)" - 1987

Piano, Organ

"Full Moon Fever" - 1989


"Into The Great Wide Open" - 1991

Electric Piano, Upright
Piano, Accordion

"Greatest Hits" - 1993

Piano, Harmonium

"Wildflowers" - 1994

"Wildflowers" - Harmonium, Piano
"You Don't Know How It Feels" - Grand Piano, Electric Piano
"Time To Move On" - Piano
"You Wreck Me" - Piano, Organ
"It's Good To Be King" - Piano
"Only A Broken Heart" - Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Harmonium
"Honey Bee" - Piano
"Hard On Me" - Piano, Organ
"Cabin Down Below" - Piano
"To Find A Friend" - Tack Piano, Zenon
"A Higher Place" - Organ, Piano, Orchestron, Harmonium
"House In The Woods" - Piano
"Crawling Back To You" - Piano, Organ, Mellotron

"Playback" - 1995

Disc 1 - "The Big Jangle"
"Breakdown" - Electric Piano
"American Girl" - Piano
"Hometown Blues" - Piano
"I Need To Know" - Piano, Organ and Background Vocal
"Listen To Her Heart" - Electric Piano and Organ
"When The Time Comes" - Organ
"No Second Thoughts" - Organ
"Refugee" - Organ and Background Vocal
"Here Comes My Girl" - Piano and Organ
"Even The Losers" - Organ
"Shadow Of A Doubt" (Complex Kid) - Piano and Organ
"Don't Do Me Like That" - Piano and Vox Organ
"The Waiting" - Organ and Background Vocal
"A Woman In Love" - Organ, Piano and Synthesizer (cheap plastic one)
"Something Big" - Organ
"A Thing About You" - Organ
"Insider" - Organ
"You Can Still Change Your Mind" - Organ, Piano, Electric Piano and Synthesizer

Disc 2 - "Spoiled and Mistreated"
"You Got Lucky" - Synthesizer
"Change Of Heart" - Piano
"Straight Into Darkness" - Piano and Organ
"The Same Old You" - Organ
"Rebels" - Organ
"Don't Come Around Here No More" - Fake Strings
"Southern Accents" - Piano
"Make It Better" (Forget About Me) - Organ
"The Best Of Everything" - Piano
"So You Want To Be A Rock 'N Roll Star" - Organ and Harmony Vocal
"Don't Bring Me Down" - Organ and Background Vocal
"Jammin' Me" - Organ and Piano
"Think About Me" - Piano and Organ
"A Self-Made Man" - Piano and Organ

Disc 3 - "Good Booty"
"Into The Great Wide Open" - Electric and Upright Piano
"Out In The Cold" - Upright Piano
"Mary Jane's Last Dance" - Harmonium And Piano
"Christmas All Over Again" - Piano

Disc 4 - "Nobody's Children"
"Casa Dega" - Organ
"Heartbreaker Beach Party - Organ
"Trailer" - Organ, Fake Clavinet
"Cracking Up" - Organ
"Psychotic Reaction" (live) - Vox Organ
"I'm Tired Joey Boy" (live) - Piano and Organ
"Lonely Weekends" (live) - Piano
"Gator On The Lawn" - Piano
"Make That Connection" - Piano and Organ
"Peace In L.A. (Peace Mix) - Piano and Electric Piano
"It's Rainin' Again" - Crash Cymbal
"Somethin' Else" (live) - Piano
"King's Highway" (live) - Piano

Disc 5 - "Through The Cracks"
"On The Street" - Written By Benmont Tench;
Piano and Background Vocal
This song is from the Mudcrutch demo tape carried by Tom to Los Angeles, where it won them a record deal. "Benmont wrote [the song] and it was played live into a two-track tape deck in his parent's living room..." Tom Petty

"Depot Street" - Piano
"Cry To Me" - Piano and Organ
"Don't Do Me Like That" (Mudcrutch Version) - Piano
"I Can't Fight It" - High Piano (Hmm..Does this mean he had to stand on a ladder to play it?)
"Keeping Me Alive" - Organ
"Turning Point" - Organ
"Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Demo) - Organ
"Big Boss Man" - Bass Guitar
"The Image Of Me" - Piano
"Moon Pie" - Piano
"The Damage You've Done" - Piano

Disc 6 -"The Other Sides
"Got MyMind Made Up" - Piano
"Ways To Be Wicked" - Piano and Organ
"Can't Get Her Out" - Piano, Organ and Vox Organ
"Travelin" - Piano and Organ
"Baby Let's Play House" - Piano
"Wooden Heart" - Piano
"God's Gift To Man" - Piano
"You Get Me High" - Piano
"Come On Down To My House" - Piano and Organ
"You Come Through" - Organ

"She's The One" - 1996

Pianos, Organs

"Echo" - 1999

Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, chamberlin, Clavinet