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Heartbreaker Sandwich!

Photo of our JuJuBeads, sandwiched between Steve Ferrone
and Benmont Tench at the Fillmore - 3/16/99


Bonnie Stewart's Close Encounter

...."The whole show was just amazing!!! I don't think I've ever enjoyed myself more at a concert than I did that night. Getting out of that place was such a drag. I thought I'd never get out. I did finally. I walked back to my hotel room. I was very, very scared while walking back. As I was walking into the Miyako a van was pulling up in front of the door. I paused and thought, "No, it can't be." I walked a couple more steps and I turned around one last time. There is Benmont walking in behind me. My heart stopped. He was looking a little worried when I said, "Hi" I'm not sure why but when I asked for his autograph he looked very relieved and said yeah, but I don't have a pen. Of course, I was also unprepared and had no pen. I mean who would've thought I'd be staying at the same hotel? The guy he was with, probably security, said with a huge grin, "I think I have one." I said in my head, "Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God!!!!". I had 2 shirts. He found his pen and at that point I began to lose it. I got all starstruck. Here's the conversation (don't ask me why I said what I said; to this day I can't figure it out):

Me: My son is a big fan of yours. He plays piano too.(My son was 7 at the time. Yes he does play piano and he's a fan because I have brainwashed him)

Benmont: Really? Who should I make this out to?

Me: Umm. Jeff.(AAAAAhhrrrggg!!! What did I say??? Jeff is a guy on this list that I got a t-shirt for.)

Benmont: Writes, Hi Jeff. Benmont Tench.

Me: Can you sign mine too? (My heart is pounding so fast I feel like I just ran 10 miles.)

Benmont: Sure, What's your name?

Me: Bonnie

Benmont: Oh, you're the second Bonnie I met tonight. Bonnie Raitt was at the show.

Me: Really? Ooo I like her too! (One step closer to earth. Thankyou Benmont)

Benmont: Attempting to sign my shirt while I'm holding it.

Me: Shaking and beginning to sweat I said, "I'm sorry, I'm shaking."

Benmont: (Whispering)Why are you shaking?

Me: Because I've been listening to you for 18 years.

Benmont: (still whispering) I've been listening longer than that.

Me: (About to faint) Thank you.

Benmont: (Walking away) No problem.

I didn't realize until I got to my room that Benmont cracked a pretty funny joke. Ok, so now I know that I have really blown it. There was no way I was going to be able to sleep so I went and had a few beers.......

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